PC Health Advisor offers a variety of free tools to help you manage your files and free up disk space on your PC. 

You can access the Disk page from the Main window of PC Health Advisor.

To view the Disk page:

  • From the Main window, click the Disk tab.

The free Disk tool set includes the following:
  • Duplicate Finder: You can find duplicate files that reside on your system and remove them to free up disk space.
  • Restore Point Manager: You can manage your system restore points to free up disk space and you can return your system to a previous restore point.
  • Defrag: You can defragment your hard drive to improve performance.
  • Clear Temporary Files: When you delete the temporary items you remove several common folders that contain temporary files created by applications. You also remove the Internet Explorer temporary file cache.
  • Clear Recent History: When clearing the recent history items, you remove recent start menu document entries.

Clear Temporary Files and Recent History

From the Disk page, you can free up space with respect to temporary files and recent history.

To clear temporary files on your system:

  • Click the Clear Temporary Files button.

To clear recent history items on your system:
  • Click the Clear Recent History button.