To register EasyFileViewer:

1. Open EasyFileViewer and click Help and then About EasyFileViewer.

2. Enter your license key into the blank License Key area. Please note EasyFileViewer does not use the letter "O" in licenses, only the number "0".

3. Press the OK button next to your license key after you enter it. Your license should now be active.

4. If you require a license key you can obtain one from the program. To begin, you need an Internet connection.

To get a license key:

1. Open EasyFileViewer and click Help and then About EasyFileViewer.

2. Click the Get License Key button.

3. Your Internet browser opens and you can follow the instructions on how to register.

After following the directions, a license key is sent to you by email and you can enter it as described above to activate your subscription.